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Pets also need medications to treat their illness or pain. If your pet had just undergone surgery, the vet would prescribe some medicines to help your pet recover. Other times, pets need medications for the same reasons that we humans do. That is why the drugs prescribed for pets are pretty similar to the medicines prescribed for humans. You can find medicine for pets in IN at our Meds for Pets Fort Wayne.

Before you reach out and give your pet some of your own medicine, think about your pet’s condition. Giving your pet medicine that humans prescribed for humans can be a bad idea. You might end up poisoning your pet, doing more harm than good. Pet medications are designed for pets for a good reason. However, if you think you can use some of your medications on your pet, it is crucial to first consult with a vet before deciding on your own.

The following are the most common medications prescribed for pets:

  • Antibiotics
  • Insulin
  • Antifungals
  • Antiparasitics
  • Disinfectants/antiseptics
  • Steroids

As a pet owner, it is up to you to administer the medicine to your pet, following the proper instructions and dosage. However, this is easier said than done. Cats and dogs tend to be picky when it comes to taking their medications. Unsuccessful attempts will lead to the medicine spilled all over the floor.

Play a Game

Taking one’s medicine does not need to be a bothersome task. You can turn it into a rewarding game that can be fun for both you and your pet. Reward your pet with a treat without the medicine at first. As the game progresses, your pet will anticipate the treat. Find the best time to hide the pill in one of the treats. Once your pet has caught the treat, they would not notice that they have already taken their medications until it is too late.

Hide it in their favorite food

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, which can be challenging to deceive. Try to use strong-smelling food to hide the scent and bait your pet into eating it. After all, who can resist when their favorite peanut butter is in front of them? Make sure that you have thoroughly washed your hands before baiting your pet with their favorite food. If you handled the medication beforehand, your pet might know what’s up with a whiff of your hand.

Administering it directly

Your pet might not be in the mood for treats or food, but that should not stop you from making sure they take their medicine. You can ask our vet from Meds for Pets Fort Wayne to teach you how to administer the medication directly. You may need to poke the medicine down your pet’s throat. After placing the pill in their throat, gently massage them or blow into their nostrils to encourage them to swallow the pill.

Compounding pharmacy

You may ask your vet if they recommend a compounding pharmacy that can change the taste or make the medication easier to administer. A vet’s prescription is essential when requesting compounded drugs for your pet. A word of caution, make sure that the pharmacy you will go to is accredited. If the quality of the drug is compromised, it can negatively affect your pet’s health.

If your pet shows a severe adverse reaction to the medicine, you will have to take your pet to our Meds for Pets Fort Wayne. The vet will find out the cause and may prescribe other alternatives or suggestions. Adverse reactions that warrant a visit to the vet include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, itching or skin irritation, lethargy, lumps, and swelling. For more information on pet medication, you may contact our Pet Medication IN.

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