Animal Hospital Offers a Full-service Veterinary Clinic

Our main goal is to treat every pet differently as we believe every animal is an individual and unique in its own way. Our personalized care for each and every pet is what makes us one of the best Vet Fort Wayne IN

Your pet will experience the most ultimate services specially customized for them in our Animal Hospital In Fort Wayne. Any injury or illness arises all you have to do is rely on our high tech diagnostics, surgery, and Emergency Services.

Animal Hospital Fort Wayne IN bring services for your pets that encourage their healthy growth and help them live longer. 

Check out our services below or contact us for more details. 

  • Grooming: Everyone needs grooming even your pets to need grooming for themselves once in a while and feel good about themselves. Our salon is exactly what your beloved ones need. We pamper our clients with the best products making them feel like their best versions. 

  • Ultrasound: We Provide ultrasound services to pets, which is helpful to understand what type of pain your pet is going through. It is one of the services which make us different from other Animal Hospital Fort Wayne In. 

  • Critical care: We know how much you love your pet!  Thus we provide extra care to your little one, which includes both health and happiness. We believe that our services are best for your pet’s health and a happy face. 

  • Dentistry: You may know how difficult it gets for a child whose new tooth is coming, it is same with the pets, teeth coming becomes difficult and painful for them as well and in this situations, they need ultimate love and care, we at our Animal Hospital Fort Wayne In, provides complete care for the pets dentistry. 

  • Boarding: As a pet owner it becomes difficult several times to take your pet with you everywhere, and thus we provide complete boarding facilities which become a second home for your pet, having the same or more facilities and care to pamper your pet. 

  • Routine Checkups: We know how to take care of your pet, thus we provide routine checkups to ensure the health and safety of your pet, our routine checkups include overall health checkups which include regular vaccinations, dentistry, and more. 

So if you are looking forward to selecting the Emergency Vet Fort Wayne for your pet, you can visit the Animal Hospital Fort Wayne, it is one of the best animal hospitals which provides the best health and happy faces of your pet, so book your appointment right now. 

Animal Hospital Fort Wayne IN


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Phone: (260) 436-2679 
Address:5928 W Jefferson Blvd,
Fort Wayne,IN 46804  

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